Among all the tourist destinations in Africa, East Africa is the most popular due to its beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife and sceneries. Whatever form of adventure you’ve always desired, it will become a reality once you get to East Africa. Here are some of the amazing things you can do every time you visit East Africa:

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Visit the National Parks

Your visit to East Africa will never be complete if you don’t visit the hundreds of national parks in the region. You will get to enjoy some amazing sights such as the annual migration and also see other unique animals that can only be found in East Africa. Among the best national parks to visit include the Maasai Mara which is in Kenya, Serengeti in Tanzania, and Bwindi National Park in Uganda among others. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, there is no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have on your vacation.

Go for Hiking in the Mountains

There is no greater adventure than going for hiking in Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro or even Mt. Kenya which has an amazing habitat. If you choose to visit Ethiopia, you can hike in the Simien Mountains where you’ll enjoy an outstanding trekking experience. While at it, you will also get to see animals such as gelada baboons, Simien foxes, and Walia ibex, among other rare animals.

Explore the Coastline

If you ever dreamt of touring a great coastline where the ocean waters look glassy, the East Africa Coastline is the place to be. You can go to Mombasa, Malindi, Zanzibar or Lamu beaches either alone or a group. While at the coastline, you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving or even go on a dhow sailing trip in the waters.

Visit Popular Heritage Sites

East African countries have great ancient sites and among them, there are those that are recognized as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It will be great to access the wealth of information in sites such as museums, ancient ruins, tombs, and ancient churches, among others. 

Taste the Delicious East African Delicacies

When visiting East Africa, get your taste buds ready to sample some of the most delicious foods. From staple foods such as injera in Ethiopia to international cuisines, there is no limit to what the chefs can offer. Do not forget to enjoy your favorite drink after your meal as the local hotels offer local and international brands.

Explore East Africa’s Great Lakes

Most of East African Lakes are on the Rift Valley floor which stretches in all the member countries. You will love 

The sight of beautiful birds in their thousands, hippos, and the crocodiles in lakes such as Lake Victoria, Lake Naivasha, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Tana, and Lake Nakuru, among others.

East Africa has a lot to offer whether you’ll be visiting the region for the first time or you are a regular visitor. All you need is to get the right transport, know the best timing, and have enough funds to visit as many places as possible.