Food in East Africa is quite diverse just like the people and their culture. The foods keep changing as a result of western influence and the introduction of new cousins by the people that visit other countries. Whether you are from Europe, the Middle East, or even the United States, do not get shocked if you find your favorite home delicacy in a local East Africa restaurant.

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Most of the foods in East Africa have a starchy base where a meal will most likely have sorghum, cornmeal, potatoes, yams, rice, and millet among others. The starchy food is usually served with some protein which could be chicken, beef or mutton.


There are thousands of hotels in East Africa and all you need is to choose the hotel that serves the kind of meals that you want. Whether you need Chinese restaurants or hotel that serves international cuisines, you’ll be lost for choice. Most of the large cities and places where international tourists frequent will have almost all types of foods. The best part is that these foods are less expensive compared to what similar foods will cost in places like the US.


There are restaurants where you’ll find a kitchen attached to the suite you’ll be using for your accommodation which will come in handy if you prefer to prepare your own meals. All you’ll need in this case is to find a nearby market and buy all the stuff you’ll be needing for your meals. The greatest benefit for this is that you’ll get to eat what you want and save on the cost of food when visiting East Africa.

You can also choose to buy imported canned food in supermarkets that include meat, fish or cheese. With this, you will never miss your favorite delicacy back home for the time you will be touring East Africa. You need to check the expiry date on the canned food so that you don’t end up buying expired food that will negatively affect your health.

Street Food

When touring East Africa, it will not be unusual to see people preparing meals such as samosas, fried yams, kebabs or roasted maize, among other delicacies along the streets. These foods will be sold at a lower price compared to the price you’d pay for them if you purchased in a restaurant. However, you need to ensure that the food is freshly made and that the person who is preparing them observed a high level of hygiene when preparing them. You don’t want to suffer from ill health or even food poisoning as a result of taking unclean food. Always remember that your health comes first and you’d rather spend more on food than spending less and then head to the hospital as a result of health complications. 

If you’ve never tasted some of the foods you will find in some East African travel destinations, be very careful when taking them. You can start by taking only a small portion and feel how your body reacts to the new food. From this, you can decide if this is the right food for you or you need to make another choice.