Climate of East Africa

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The climate of East Africa is unique as it is a combination of high attitudes and rain shadows of the western monsoon winds originating from the Ruwenzori and the Ethiopian Highlands. The region is made up of plateaus and here, you’ll find some of the highest mountains in the world. Among the striking highlands is Kenya & Ethiopia whose elevations are can be as high as 65oo – 10000 feet.

Though the climate in this region is tropical, the average temperatures and precipitation are greatly affected by different elevations. Countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, and the western part of Kenya received plenty of rainfall whereas Somalia, NE Kenya, and eastern Ethiopia experience very little rainfall.

It is evident that life, including that of wild animals, in East Africa is greatly influenced by the weather. The highlight for this is the wildebeest migration that happens seasonally which you cannot afford to miss. Planning your visit at the time when this migration is happening will make you fall in love with East Africa!

Among the driest parts of East Africa is Somalia which can go for years without a raindrop.  For other places, however, the annual rainfall increases as you head southwards. For instance, Mogadishu experiences 400mm annually, Mombasa 1200mm, and over 1100mm in Moshi due to its nearness to Mt. Kilimanjaro. The rains come in 2 distinct seasons one in April and the other one between October and November. 

The western side of the Ruwenzori Mountains and the Ethiopian Highlands experiences a more tropical climate. There is only one wet season which stretches between June and September and when you get to Asmara, the rain comes between July and August. For most parts of East Africa, the El Nino greatly influences the rainfall intensity with some damaging effects when the rain is too much.

With the exception of the hot and hot and humid coastal region, the temperature in East Africa is moderate, ranging between 25 and 15 degrees at 1500m altitude. Where the altitude is over 2500 meters, the maximum temperature can be 21 degrees or less.

East Africa is a unique tourist destination which makes tourists in their millions to make it their annual holiday destination. Most of the regions are suitable for farming which was the reason why most European colonizers and explorers targeted the region during the 19th century. You’ll also discover that most of the countries in this region rely on tourism as a main source of funds. The only downside with the region is the terror attacks that could happen randomly but if you stay up to date with the current security alerts, you’ll be able to find places where you will be safe throughout your visit.

If you are looking for an escape from the harsh winter in the West, East Africa is your idea tourist destination. Regardless of the season, you’ll find your stay very comfortable as it never gets too hot or too cold. To make it even better, you’ll never miss a fun activity that will make your stay interesting every time you visit the region.