Foods in East Africa

Food in East Africa is quite diverse just like the people and their culture. The foods keep changing as a result of western influence and the introduction of new cousins by the people that visit other countries. Whether you are from Europe, the Middle East, or even the United States, do not get shocked if you find your favorite home delicacy in a local East Africa restaurant.

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Most of the foods in East Africa have a starchy base where a meal will most likely have sorghum, cornmeal, potatoes, yams, rice, and millet among others. The starchy food is usually served with some protein which could be chicken, beef or mutton.


There are thousands of hotels in East Africa and all you need is to choose the hotel that serves the kind of meals that you want. Whether you need Chinese restaurants or hotel that serves international cuisines, you’ll be lost for choice. Most of the large cities and places where international tourists frequent will have almost all types of foods. The best part is that these foods are less expensive compared to what similar foods will cost in places like the US.


There are restaurants where you’ll find a kitchen attached to the suite you’ll be using for your accommodation which will come in handy if you prefer to prepare your own meals. All you’ll need in this case is to find a nearby market and buy all the stuff you’ll be needing for your meals. The greatest benefit for this is that you’ll get to eat what you want and save on the cost of food when visiting East Africa.

You can also choose to buy imported canned food in supermarkets that include meat, fish or cheese. With this, you will never miss your favorite delicacy back home for the time you will be touring East Africa. You need to check the expiry date on the canned food so that you don’t end up buying expired food that will negatively affect your health.

Street Food

When touring East Africa, it will not be unusual to see people preparing meals such as samosas, fried yams, kebabs or roasted maize, among other delicacies along the streets. These foods will be sold at a lower price compared to the price you’d pay for them if you purchased in a restaurant. However, you need to ensure that the food is freshly made and that the person who is preparing them observed a high level of hygiene when preparing them. You don’t want to suffer from ill health or even food poisoning as a result of taking unclean food. Always remember that your health comes first and you’d rather spend more on food than spending less and then head to the hospital as a result of health complications. 

If you’ve never tasted some of the foods you will find in some East African travel destinations, be very careful when taking them. You can start by taking only a small portion and feel how your body reacts to the new food. From this, you can decide if this is the right food for you or you need to make another choice.

Things to do in East Africa

Among all the tourist destinations in Africa, East Africa is the most popular due to its beautiful landscape and diverse wildlife and sceneries. Whatever form of adventure you’ve always desired, it will become a reality once you get to East Africa. Here are some of the amazing things you can do every time you visit East Africa:

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Visit the National Parks

Your visit to East Africa will never be complete if you don’t visit the hundreds of national parks in the region. You will get to enjoy some amazing sights such as the annual migration and also see other unique animals that can only be found in East Africa. Among the best national parks to visit include the Maasai Mara which is in Kenya, Serengeti in Tanzania, and Bwindi National Park in Uganda among others. Whether you are traveling alone or as a group, there is no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have on your vacation.

Go for Hiking in the Mountains

There is no greater adventure than going for hiking in Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro or even Mt. Kenya which has an amazing habitat. If you choose to visit Ethiopia, you can hike in the Simien Mountains where you’ll enjoy an outstanding trekking experience. While at it, you will also get to see animals such as gelada baboons, Simien foxes, and Walia ibex, among other rare animals.

Explore the Coastline

If you ever dreamt of touring a great coastline where the ocean waters look glassy, the East Africa Coastline is the place to be. You can go to Mombasa, Malindi, Zanzibar or Lamu beaches either alone or a group. While at the coastline, you can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving or even go on a dhow sailing trip in the waters.

Visit Popular Heritage Sites

East African countries have great ancient sites and among them, there are those that are recognized as UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It will be great to access the wealth of information in sites such as museums, ancient ruins, tombs, and ancient churches, among others. 

Taste the Delicious East African Delicacies

When visiting East Africa, get your taste buds ready to sample some of the most delicious foods. From staple foods such as injera in Ethiopia to international cuisines, there is no limit to what the chefs can offer. Do not forget to enjoy your favorite drink after your meal as the local hotels offer local and international brands.

Explore East Africa’s Great Lakes

Most of East African Lakes are on the Rift Valley floor which stretches in all the member countries. You will love 

The sight of beautiful birds in their thousands, hippos, and the crocodiles in lakes such as Lake Victoria, Lake Naivasha, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Tana, and Lake Nakuru, among others.

East Africa has a lot to offer whether you’ll be visiting the region for the first time or you are a regular visitor. All you need is to get the right transport, know the best timing, and have enough funds to visit as many places as possible.

Getting Around in East Africa

There is never a bad time for visiting East Africa as every season has its own advantages. To make it even better, you will be able to get around East Africa cheaply if you make proper arrangements and choose your destinations wisely. Whether you want to hire a car, use a bus, train or even travel by air, you have the freedom to make your choice!

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing the best means of transport when getting around in East Africa:

1. Cost

There are various means of transport to choose from and each of them will cost differently. You need to choose a transport means that will not overstretch your budget and one that will allow you to carry your luggage comfortably. If you plan to visit different destinations within a short time, the most convenient means for you would be air transport. 

2. Convenience

There are some means of transport that will cost less but will cause a lot of inconveniences when getting around East Africa. One of these is railway transport as it is quite slow and you’d take ages to move from one place to the other. You need to settle on a means of transport that will not cause unnecessary delays or even fail to get you to your destination. 

3. Availability

It is important to note that East Africa is made up of different countries. Though most of the transport means are available in all countries, there are countries where there are fewer means of transport. For instance, Uganda is a landlocked country and you can, therefore, not use water transport to get there. You’ll need to make inquiries so that you can settle on a means that is available for your destination.

4. Safety

When choosing a means of transport, never forget that your safety comes first. You need to choose a transport means where you are assured of getting to your destination without getting into any ugly incidents or accidents. Air transport is considered the safest where you and your valuables will be safe and sound to and from your travels.

Air Transport

All the countries in East Africa have an airport and this means you can travel by air to any destination. The organization in charge of aviation ensures that wherever you travel by air, you will be safe and will arrive on time.

Road Transport

All East African countries have a reliable road network and it will be possible to cross borders using a car. You can choose to use public means of transport for your travels, hire a taxi or even rent a car. If you’ll be driving, you need to ensure that you have all your papers in order in case you encounter the law enforcement authorities along the way. You also need to ensure that your car is insured before embarking on your journey.

Sea Transport

You can also choose to travel by sea where you can pass through ports such as Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Mtwapa, and Tanga. 

Whichever means of transport you use for your travels, you can rest assured that you’ll have the best experience.

Top Sites in East Africa

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East Africa is among the best vacation destination in Africa due to its strategic location, amazing landscape, and the ever-friendly climate. You’ll get to enjoy seeing various wildlife such as the big 5, the Indian Ocean, classy resorts, and the unique mountains such as Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Here are some of the top sites that you cannot afford to miss every time you visit East Africa:

Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Amboseli National Park is one of Kenya’s signature attractions where you’ll get a chance to see huge-tusked elephants in hundreds. From this amazing destination, you can also get to see Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro when the weather is clear. There are also animals such as wildebeests, zebras, hyenas, lions, and hundreds of bird species.

Ruwenzori Mountains National Park, Uganda

Mt. Ruwenzori is the third highest peak in Africa and will make an excellent tourist destination every time you visit East Africa. Here, you’ll get to enjoy amazing sceneries, go hiking in the mountains, and also enjoy exceptional services in hotels and lodges within the national park.

Tsavo National Park, Kenya

Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks in Taita Taveta have numerous attractions that make this the ideal tourist destination. The hotels and lodges in the area will make you feel at home as you enjoy the best delicacies from all over the globe. Tsavo National Park is quite extensive and you need to set aside enough time to be able to tour it and see animals such as buffalos, black rhinos, hippos, and lions among others. it is important to remember that what you’ll see when touring the national park will depend on the part you choose to tour, the west of the east.

Matemwe Beach, Tanzania

This exceptional beach is in Zanzibar’s north east coast and would be an amazing place to visit when you need to relax and forget all your struggles. Whether you need to relax on the beautiful beaches or you need to take a swim, you’ll enjoy this site. Maybe you love diving, snorkeling or even sailing? You can enjoy these as well at Matemwe Beach. Any time you feel like needing a place you can escape from the troubles of life, this should be one of your best choices.

Lamu Island, Kenya

Lamu Island, which is at the Indian Ocean Coast, has a rich history, unique culture, great food, and a special way of life for the locals. Any time you feel as though life has taken its toll on you, go to Lamu Island for an amazing vacation. You can choose to stay in resorts like Majlis Resort, Peponi Hotel or at Manda Bay.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park is another top site in East Africa that you cannot afford to miss. Here, you’ll get to see popular wildebeests, Zebras, and other amazing animals as you drive through the park. You can enjoy some quiet moments at Serena Serengeti Safari Lodge or at Sanctuary Kusini, among other great hotels and resorts.